9 Easy Holiday Recipes for People Who Hate to Cook

9 Easy Holiday Recipes for People Who Hate to Cook

We all love the holiday season. It’s filled with fun, friends, and family. Oh yes, and food. We all love the holiday food.

But what happens when you get an invitation to a party that says “Bring a Dish to Share” and you hate to cook? Sure, you can just run by the grocery store and grab a quick pre-made vegetable platter. It’s always an easy and pain-free option, but it’s also not the tastiest or the most festive, is it?

Lucky for you, there are some amazingly simple and delicious holiday recipes out there for even the most reluctant of cooks. And to ease the pain of adding one more thing to your to-do list this busy holiday season, here at Grit and Grace Life, we’ve put them right at your fingertips with this list of nine holiday favorites from all over the internet that, yes, even you can make.

Perfect for potluck dinners, make and take brunches, and everything in between, this is your one-stop shop for easy holiday recipes if you hate to cook:

1: Easy Apple Caramel Dip

Dips are the lifeline of any good holiday party; easy to eat standing up in a crowd and perfect for a brunch or a dinner, they make party hosts swoon with their ease. And this dip, well, it’s unexpected and delicious and yes, sweet like a dessert. Easy to choose (no cooking required) and easy to transport—this is a potluck dream.

2: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

I know, I know, we had you at bacon. It just makes everything better, doesn’t it? These little bundles are so easy to assemble, involve very little prep work, and get this, they are healthy too! Wonderful little appetizers whether you’re hosting or attending, these should definitely be on every non-cooks holiday list!

3: Shredded Brussel Sprout Salad

Ok, ok, I know most of us don’t think “salad” when we think “holiday,” but that doesn’t change the fact that there are those among us who are still trying to stick to some sort of fitness or health goal despite the barrage of delicious (and less than healthy) food options we are faced with at holiday parties. So bringing this salad is always a good option and you’ll find many guests welcome the clean and fresh choice that also happens to be yummy.

4: Easy Roasted Cranberries

Cranberries happen to be one of my favorite dishes at the holiday table. I love their tart bite compared with the richness of the turkey or the ham. But I can do without the log shape, can’t you? It seems weird to eat something that keeps the shape of the container it comes in. But with this easy roasted cranberry dish, you get the delicious tang of the berries (that contrasts so well with the richness of the rest of the holiday table) with little fuss and an actual food shape. It’s a foodie’s dream without the work.

Perfect for potluck dinners, make and take brunches, and everything in between, this is your one-stop shop for easy holiday recipes if you hate to cook!

5: Strawberry Puffed Pastry Sandwiches with Nutella Whipped Cream

What happens when you bring this Nutella Whipped Cream to a party? Why, people go crazy of course! This no-bake dessert (unless you count the puff pastry) is so easy you’ll be surprised by how tasty it is. And if you’re really pressed for time, it truly does stand alone without the puff pastry. Simply slice up some strawberries and whip up the cream. No one will miss the puff pastry shell; they’ll be too busy eating the whipped cream by the spoonful.

6: Santas White Chocolate Popcorn

This sweet and savory treat is just as much a treat for a party as it is for a holiday movie night in with the family. Easy and quick, this treat comes together in a flash and can be made ahead for a party or eaten straight from the bowl. Kids and adults alike will not be able to resist, and that’s always a good sign when it comes to a party treat.

7: Cranberry Brie Bites

Sweet, savory, and tiny, these little brie bites are the perfect appetizer to take to a party. Bite size snacks are always a hit at the buffet table, and these are a holiday mouthful. Perfect for a make-ahead brunch or a casual at-home cocktail party, these will be the hit of the party.

8: Autumn Roasted Vegetables with Feta

Vegetables do have a place at the holiday table, I promise. Especially when they’re roasted root vegetables (always a seasonal fall treat) paired with sweet grapes and tangy feta. Guests will love this dish, and you’ll love how easy it is—simply chop, roast, and dress. You can’t go wrong!

9: Curried Butternut Squash Soup

This might be one of the more complicated recipes on this list, but don’t let that discourage you. It is worth the effort to get this creamy, smooth taste of fall soup. Perfect for an appetizer at a sit-down dinner or for a winter open house party, this curried butternut squash soup is also a great alternative main dish for your vegetarian guests.

All of these holiday dishes are easy, and all are delicious as well. But above everything, it’s important to remember that what matters about the holiday meal is not what’s on the table, but who is around it. So take a moment and look up from your plate or step away from the kitchen, laugh, hug, remember why we’re here. The season is so magical so take the time to enjoy it and the rest, food and all, will come naturally.

We hope these easy recipes relieve some of the burden that comes with preparing for the holidays. But if there’s still more on your plate, check out these hacks to make some headway: Simple Hacks for You to Get More Done and Feel Less Stressed – 022

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