10 Things That Make a Woman Beautiful

10 Things That Make a Woman Beautiful

Here are 10 qualities that make a woman beautiful:

1. She can laugh at her silly mistakes, knowing it doesn’t diminish her dignity.

2. She gives the benefit of the doubt.

3. When she comes across something that reminds her of someone special, she buys it for them. Just because. Even if it’s just a candy bar.

4. She gets to know the people around her: baristas, security guards, receptionists, etc. Strangers become her friends.

5. She chooses to see the good in all people, knowing everyone is a work in progress.

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6. She can let go.

7. She’s humble, but finds satisfaction in a job well done.

8. She’s strong, but she doesn’t use her strength to push other people around. Instead, she inspires others to reach their own potential.

9. Hardships have made her wise and kind, not bitter and resentful.

10. She is filled with grit and grace.

Strength is one of the things that makes a woman beautiful! Here’s how to find your strength: The Qualities That Make a Woman Strong – 122!

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