Addiction Affecting Your Life?

Addiction Affecting Your Life?

If you are a human being, it’s likely that addiction has touched your life in one way or another. We know this well, as it has affected many of our writers. Maybe someone you love struggles, or maybe it’s a battle you’re fighting. Perhaps you’re just building up the courage to ask the question—is this controlling my life? 

Whether it be you or someone you care about, Grit and Grace Life is a safe space for anyone who struggles with addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or other harmful behaviors. And more than that, this is a place where we deeply desire to help you find hope and freedom—because we truly believe it is there. We believe it because we have experienced it.

At Grit and Grace Life, our brave and inspiring writers have written many articles sharing their experiences of real life, real struggles, and real victories. Our hope is that as these strong, beautiful women share their stories, you’ll believe that you can overcome, too. We also asked our resident therapists for their expert advice, and we are so grateful for it! We pray you will find the answers and inspiration you need to take even one step forward toward help, healing, and hope.

Here are 5 Helpful Articles on Navigating Addiction:

the good christian girl who struggled with porn

The Good Christian Girl Who Struggled With Porn

Addiction to pornography is an internal battle that can shame women (and men) from seeking help. Even those who seem to have it all together are not exempt. The author of this article shares her own years-long addiction and her difficult but hopeful road to freedom.



behind my pretty life my struggle with alcohol

Behind My Pretty Life: My Struggle With Alcohol

In a day and age where endless mimosas and “Wine O’Clock” slogans pop up everywhere, it’s easier than ever for fun get-togethers to slip into a dangerous dependence. In this article, you’ll read the story of one woman’s gradual retreat into alcoholism, the realization she needed to break free, and how she did it.



6 Ways to Love the Addict in Your Life NEW

6 Ways to Love the Addict in Your Life

Sometimes it’s hard to understand how loved ones fell into the grasp of addiction, and trying to find the answers usually causes more harm than help. This article provides practical ways to show the addict in your life genuine love and compassion in a helpful, positive way for everyone involved.


Ask Dr. Zoe Article IconAsk Dr. Zoe – My Child’s Screen Addiction, How Do I Limit It?

It’s tough to avoid technology, making it easy for your child to get more than a healthy fill of screen time. And with kids’ curiosity and inclination toward visual entertainment, addressing screen addiction is a touchy subject. If you’re wondering how to set appropriate boundaries for your kids’ screen time, Dr. Zoe wrote this article with easy-to-apply tips for navigating new rules and the emotions that are likely to follow.


change happens when god is in your recovery journeyChange Happens When God Is in Your Addiction Recovery

Addiction is hard enough to admit to loved ones and work through with counselors; it hardly seems that God would want to be involved. But he does, and this article, written by a recovering addict, reveals why inviting God in will be the catalyst for long-lasting change.


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