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Our team is multi-generational. Some of us are married, single, have kids underfoot, are empty-nesters, or have no kids at all. We have pursued careers, are SAHMs, or are a combination of the two. We have our own life stories, tales to tell, and experiences to share. Our backgrounds are varied, and we are residents of many states with accents to prove it. But we are drawn together by a common goal and purpose, living and mastering This Grit and Grace Life.

We love makeup, fashion and skincare as much as the next woman. But we also recognize that inner beauty—the strength and grace we display—never

drinking excessively 8 healthier coping strategies for women

This article was written collaboratively by Caroline Beidler and Lindsey Encinias. Did you know that one alcoholic beverage per day (five ounces—yes, that’s right, not even the size

Mama just wanted one good picture

  About this photo: "It was Thanksgiving Day, and I had strategically waited to dress my two toddlers until right before we were planning to

Photo Shoot Gone Awry

  About this photo:  After 162 recordings of This Grit and Grace Life podcast, co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Bender know each other pretty well.

It's Twins

  About this photo: "When I was (very) pregnant with twins, I decided to skip the staged pregnancy photo shoot with long flowing gowns and

Just as the In-laws are arriving

  About this photo: "My in-laws were in town, so naturally, I did my best to hide the mounds of laundry I had yet to

The Things We do for Beauty

  About this photo: "My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) was set to graduate from boot camp in two weeks. I wanted to


Do you struggle with anxiety? You're not alone. The number of people who have made their battle with anxiety known is staggering. That doesn't

Blended family

Blending families is hard. If you're in the middle of it, then you're well aware of this reality. When two families come together, they


Today, Last year, we recorded our 100th podcast; introduced a new, special section of the magazine called HerStory, where women have shared some of their

ADZ general

Googling advice for life's toughest situations can only yield so much in terms of honest, specific answer. So, if you have a question—about your


I'm not sure we've ever been more excited to turn the page on a calendar year. So long, 2020! However, one thing our team

It's hard to imagine finding gratitude in a year like the one we just bounced and fumbled through. But trying circumstances are exactly the

At The Grit and Grace Project, our goal has always been to encourage. We want women to know that they are both cherished and

Perseverance is one of those terms we learned in elementary school when it came time for the lesson about character traits. When we're small,

how god can speak to you through the bible

Do you ever wonder if God sees you? Hears you? Loves you? Whether you have never prayed a single prayer in your life or

Episodes of This Grit and Grace Life Every Woman Needs Now

Grit and Grace Life has been churning out podcasts for just over three years now, and over that time, co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie

Addiction Affecting Your Life?

If you are a human being, it's likely that addiction has touched your life in one way or another. We know this well, as

Is Your Man a Never-Fiancé, Forever-Fiancé, or the One

Does your desire for marriage feel unmatched by your boyfriend? If you've been dating more than six months you likely know if he's the

Bible Verses From the Grit and Grace Team on New Beginnings

New beginnings are equally terrifying and exciting, for the same reason: they are unknown. A fresh start, regardless of the purpose, is still uncharted

Bible Verses From the Grit and Grace Team on Love

Love! The word itself sends a warm, tingly feeling up our spines. What joy it is to love and be loved! There's even an entire