5 Children’s Books Celebrating Our Beautiful Diversity

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As a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s, I loved listening to my mom read to me. As she would read, I would be inspired by a little engine that kept persevering up the hill. I loved the way Winnie the Pooh and his friends stuck together regardless of the mishaps that occurred along their adventures. I was inspired as Belle was able to look beyond the outward appearance of the Beast to see who he could become rather than who he currently was.

The one thing I don’t remember seeing in the books my mom read to me was a little girl who looked like me, who had curly black hair and cinnamon-colored skin. I didn’t see families that looked like mine—ones with single moms or grandparents who lived in your home. Ones with an absent parent. Ones that looked and sounded different.

Thankfully, that trend has been broken! There are many children’s books out there today that celebrate our beautifully diverse world with relational, generational, racial, cultural and religious blending. These distinctions are not something to divide us, but rather, something we can celebrate!

5 Children’s Books Celebrating Our Beautiful Diversity

Here are 5 newly released children’s books that celebrate our beautiful blends.

1. No Hush Little Baby by Rachael Macaluso

Do you have a strong-willed little girl? No Hush Little Baby follows a momma and her daughter as the little one learns to embrace her voice… and her cry.

What I Love: As soon as I read this story, I immediately said, “This was the book I needed when I was a little girl.” Although this is a children’s book, the message speaks loudly and gently to the little girl inside of us women, too. I also love that this story follows the characters’ story as the daughter grows into an adolescent and teenager, addressing real feelings and situations we face while growing up.

Who’s Featured: No Hush Little Baby features an interracial family, with a white mom and a brown daughter.

2. Chasing God’s Glory by Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young

Follow Zayla and her mom as they set out on an adventure to discover God’s glory and beauty that surrounds her (and us) every day.

What I Love: Chasing God’s Glory is not only an inspiring story, but it also beautifully illustrates and celebrates how God’s glory is found in our diversity. As the duo rides their bikes, they encounter urban areas, farmers markets full of various foods and vendors, an elderly couple, a homeless man, and much more.

Who’s Featured: As Zayla and her mom continue on their adventure, you learn that Zayla’s dad has passed away. It’s then that Mama explains how Zayla is a beautiful blend of her mom and dad and that celebrating Dad’s memory is also part of God’s glory.

3. Patchwork by Brittany Pogue-Mohammed Acosta

Patchwork is reminiscent of traditional children’s stories. While out for a walk with her favorite patchwork quilt, a little girl discovers friendship with several animals as she uses her quilt to help each animal in a uniquely special way.

What I Love: Life can be lonely when we walk alone. Patchwork illustrates the importance of friendship and kindness. We don’t have to look alike or come from the same backgrounds to extend compassion to one another.

Who’s Featured: A little girl with brown skin along with her animal friends. The little girl’s race is never revealed, allowing a wide range of readers to personally identify with her.

4. What Color Is God’s Love? by Xochitl Dixon

God created every color and shade we see. It’s a way that He demonstrates His love. From the bright orange of a sunrise to the darkness of the midnight sky, discover God’s character and deep love for us through every shade.

What I Love: What Color Is God’s Love weaves the truth that nothing God does is by chance, including the colors He chooses to display His creativity and love. His splendor is all around us.

Who’s Featured: Just as the world around us is painted in various shades, so are we. Humans are beautifully blended in many ways—ethnically, culturally, physically, and more. What Color Is God’s Love celebrates our blends in a fun and vibrant way.

5. Kailani’s Gift by Dornina Lazo Gilmore-Young

Kailani wants to learn a traditional Filipino dance (tinikling) with her siblings so she can perform with them for their grandparent’s anniversary party. But it’s a lot harder than she thought. Kailani learns the value of perseverance in this heartwarming story.

What I Love: Trying new things can be intimidating and scary. When success doesn’t come immediately, giving up can be easy. Kailani’s Gift demonstrates the beautiful blend of grace and perseverance that we need to have for ourselves and others.

Who’s Featured: Kailani’s Gift teaches the reader about Filipino culture! You’re introduced to terms like Lola and Lolo (Grandma and Grandpa) from the first page. The reader also learns about dancing, food, and traditional Filipino dress.

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