Our Duty to Celebrate Racial Diversity as Women of Faith – 207

Our Duty to Celebrate Racial Diversity as Women of Faith - 207

podcast image“Are you approaching people the way God would want you to?”

It’s an important question posed by Darlene Brock and Julie Bender in this podcast episode. This week, they continue the conversation from the previous episode, where Grit and Grace Life writer Allison McCormick, a biracial woman married to a Black man, shared her perspective on race relations in the world today.

In an honest conversation from women of faith, Darlene and Julie discuss what we can do to fight racism, including taking on some tougher assignments: setting aside your defenses and learning to listen to others. They also share our biblical responsibility to address bias, what God says about race and humanity, and how we can celebrate racial diversity each day.


Listen to the last episode here: Racism—How Can We Help Fight It? With Allison McCormick – 206

Quote of the episode:

“Unity has never meant uniformity.” —Martin Luther King, Jr


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