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7 Unique Holiday Traditions to Share With Your Family


One of the very best things about the holidays is not the calorie-heavy, “guilt-free” food intake, the gifts, the family gatherings, or even the “you have outdone yourself” decorating. It’s the traditions you create for your family and then repeat each year, ensuring lasting memories in the hearts of all you love.

Every family needs their own traditions, but here are a few to get you started:

1. Fill a jar from Thanksgiving to January 1 with special notes for each family member. Tell them something about them you treasure, write one note a week. On January 1, each member takes the notes written to them to begin the new year knowing their worth.

2. Decorate your tree with ornaments purchased from milestones in life or moments in time: marriage, baby shower, vacation to the beach, trip to the zoo…it becomes your life journey hung on the tree.

3. Get in the car in your pajamas with flavored popcorn and hot chocolate, and drive through the decorated neighborhoods, taking in all the great Christmas lights.

4. Make candy or cookies then choose a group of people that you want to know are appreciated—hospital nurses, the local fire department, or police station. Bring your family to deliver the goods.

5. Choose a favorite family meal to enjoy each year, from breakfast pancakes to big pots of chili—just make it your own.

6. Keep a Christmas diary. Each year write a short summary of the year including highlights of the holidays.

7. Read the Christmas story from the book of Luke before you open gifts, putting all things in perspective.

Take these, add a few of your own, and create those traditions that your family will treasure…lasting from generation to generation.

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