How to Make a DIY Nautical Mason Jar In 10 Minutes

How to Make a DIY Nautical Mason Jar In 10 Minutes

Summer is here, which means everyone is heading to the beach! But, if you can’t get to the beach, you can certainly bring the beach to you. Nautical home decor is fun for summertime and can be a decor theme for any location.

Making nautical decor can be simple and doesn’t have to break the bank. This DIY only requires a few materials and adds character to any room.

To create your own nautical mason jar follow the tutorial below!

First, assemble your materials on a clean and clear workspace.

You will need:

  • Nautical rope
  • Mason jar with metal handle
  • Hot glue gun

Plug in your glue gun and allow it to heat up. After a few minutes, it should be ready to use! Grab your mason jar and apply a line of glue on the body of your jar.

Before the glue cools, take you nautical rope and place the end of it into the hot glue. Hold the rope secure and wind it around your jar until you have about 6 layers of rope.

Cut the excess rope off and adhere the end of the rope onto the mason jar with hot glue.

For the finishing touch, put a small candle or battery operated twinkle lights inside the mason jar. You can even use this project to hang floral arrangements!

Place your nautical mason jar anywhere in your home for additional ambiance, or add to your outdoor seating! You can either set it on a table or hang it on a hook as wall decor.

Voila; you’re done! Enjoy!

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