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Podcasts Can Help You See the World Differently

Podcasts Can Help You See the World Differently

I wasn’t on the podcast train. I didn’t see the point in listening to an individual or a group of people chat about life and exciting topics. I didn’t have the patience for it, and that was my problem. I needed to learn how to listen again. To be present in a conversation that I couldn’t interrupt. To learn from people that I don’t see eye to eye with, not just those I share a common denominator with. I tend to want to skip to the meat and purpose of a conversation and not enjoy the journey of listening to the people in my life. Call it lack of patience or a desire for instant gratification, from living in an overly-connected state, but my ability to listen well has eroded over the years.

Podcasts give us the chance to exercise our listening muscles and maybe learn something new or consider our lives from a different perspective.

I am learning how to learn again. To accept that I don’t know everything, and I can’t even begin to understand how another person feels or views the world. It’s not my place to judge the opinions and values of others, in fact, I have a lot to learn from people who think and believe differently than me. That is why I enjoy podcasts today. I can be connected with a wide variety of people and topics that I wouldn’t be able to find readily stepping outside of my door. Unlike reading a book, podcasts bring real people’s stories to my ears. I hear them telling their truth. A connection forms at that moment, I feel like I’m sitting around the table with friends talking about life, art, and the pains of living in this ever-changing world.

Podcasts have allowed me to be more connected to the world than any Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post. There is more power in hearing a voice than reading a caption and seeing a picture.

Again, this feeds back into our need for connection and to listen and learn from each other. We are best served when we hear each other; our voices are personal, our lessons learned, and stories lived are real.

Podcasts aren’t just a way to pass the time or another form of social media that wastes our time. I have come to view podcasts the same way I see books. Each episode I listen to, like each book, allows me to go deeper into myself and consider opinions beyond my own understanding. I get to learn from my peers, those who are younger and older than me, and people who are in different industries and seasons of life. Podcasts have impacted my life, and I’m thankful for every voice and story that I have gotten to listen to and learn from.

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Here are some podcasts worth checking out:

Christy Wright’s Business Boutique—A successful business woman, Christy strives to help other women navigate the complexities of the business world by sharing her own tips and experiences.

Living Fully with Mallory Ervin—During her run as a Miss America pageant contestant, Mallory realized that life isn’t always glamorous. But she still wanted to inspire others to see the joy that life is. Her podcasts share encouragement through the telling of her own stories as well as the experiences of her guests.

Ted Talks Daily—For insightful and thought-provoking discussions on nearly every topic around the world, Ted Talks Daily puts out a new podcast every weekday, so you’re always learning something new.

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs—Annie invites guests to the show to speak on serious and not-so-serious cultural topics, all the while slipping in some humor. It’s just like having a laid-back conversation with some really good friends.

Daily Grace—Created with women in mind, Daily Grace assists and directs with meaningful Bible study, guiding listeners to a deeper relationship with God.

The Feel Good Podcast—Kimberly Snyder uses her platform to transform your life into a healthy one. She interviews experts every week to get the scoop on topics like beauty, wellness, strength, and healing, so you can feel like your best self in more ways than one.

Ask a Clean Person—For every cleaning question you’ve ever had, whether it’s how to get that stain out of the carpet or how many times that stuffed animal can be washed before it falls apart, Jolie Kerr considers herself a cleaning expert and has an answer for them all.

Dr. Zoe Shaw—A regular contributor to The Grit and Grace Project with her advice column, Ask Dr. Zoe, Shaw’s podcast addresses all areas of struggle in a woman’s life, including marriage, kids, work, self-confidence, and more. As a licensed psychotherapist, Dr. Zoe Shaw uses her own experiences and knowledge to coach women through their trying times.

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