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Running the Race with Grit and Grace

Race With Grit and Grace

On Saturday, May 11th, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender, along with Grit and Grace Writer Amanda-Lee Pitzer, will be Running the Race with Grit and Grace in Middletown, Ohio. No, they aren’t running exactly; they are joining Chosen, the women’s ministry of Berachah Church, to share wisdom, laughter, and fun as we celebrate This Grit and Grace Life together.

Doors open at 9:00 for check-in, light refreshments and shopping. The event begins at 10:00 and ends by 3:30. It includes brunch, shopping, and main and breakout sessions that will encourage you in all aspects of life.

You get to pick two breakout sessions as well as the main events, and they include:

  • Marriage—Building it Stronger. If you feel your marriage is steady and in a healthy place but want to keep it that way, this session will offer steps and understanding to strengthen and make it more resilient so that healthy relationships can meet and conquer each season of life.
  • Marriage—When it Gets Bumpy. Perhaps you’ve had a few struggles—little ones where you cannot connect and see eye to eye, Or struggles that feel as if the chasm is too great to overcome. Even though we realize there are no guarantees, this session will offer encouragement, hope, and real-life how-tos, helping you as you seek to create the relationship you hoped for on the day you said, “I do.”
  • Motherhood—The Early Years. Littles are exhausting. From the moment they enter your home through elementary school, you will experience delight, challenges, roadblocks, and a full-steam-ahead life. Juggling everything can leave an exhausted mom wondering how to do this. This session will offer hope with insights that all you put into this life season is worth it.
  • Motherhood—Teen to Adult. Those kids cuddling you at three are growing up and changing. They have their way of thinking that may feel confounding at times. This session helps you navigate these transitional years, offering hope for a healthy, loving relationship through these many life changes.
  • Self-Worth—Am I Enough? Is this a question you have asked yourself in any area of life? When your self-worth becomes battered in relationships, motherhood, beauty, career, or you don’t think you compare. This session will challenge those feelings because God created you to be enough, no matter your circumstances.
  • Purpose—Finding Your Purpose in Every Season. Women face a unique challenge because their lives are ever-changing. As we say in our podcast, “From the boardroom to the bedroom, cars to college, being single, married or single again.” In this ever-changing world, we often wonder what our purpose is. This session will help you understand that a purpose exists in every season and how to find it.

So, join us as together we are Running the Race with Grit and Grace!

Running the Race with Grit and Grace


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