Surviving, Some Days Even Thriving!

The women at The Grit and Grace Project have already lived through a bunch of this “getting through life” stuff. We’ve survived, thrived, then survived and thrived again. This reality becomes glaringly obvious when we are in the midst of life’s difficulties: divorce, loss of a loved one, challenging children, losing a job, financial challenges or natural catastrophe. Sometimes the need to survive and thrive can be created by great opportunities like a new job, the birth of a child, or a move to another city. There are even those days when it’s just getting out the door having successfully eaten breakfast that we count as thriving.

Through many of our stories we share much of what we’ve learned through our journey. But before the stories are told, and the life shared, I want to give you a few quick tips that will help you succeed when you find yourself at one of these life junctures.

  • You don’t have to be extraordinary. Every lady that has walked this earth can survive, then once again thrive, if she doesn’t give up.
  • Success comes in small steps. When you’re at your lowest point, just getting out of bed is not only surviving but it’s thriving too. Be encouraged.
  • Realize that this is part of life. We absolutely will be faced with challenges that attempt to defeat. Expect them, don’t dread them, they will serve to make you stronger, more compassionate and understanding.
  • Accept help. We are made to strengthen one another when the need arises. Put aside that pride and take that help, gain from another’s strength. Most often their assistance comes from their own experience.
  • Believe that this too shall end. It may be a pinprick of hope, a glimmer of life, but when you’re at your darkest hour remember the times you’ve survived before and remind yourself you will again.

Know this ladies, survival is not just of the fittest, it is for all of us. We are here to let you know that if we have gotten through the challenges we have faced, you can too. And we do it all with grit and grace.

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