Our Most Read Articles for Strong Women in 2019

Our Most Read Articles for Strong Women in 2019

2020 has arrived! We are excited about the adventure ahead yet we can’t help but look back at the year we have left behind. We loved seeing where our readers went last year, and thought you would like to see that as well.

Here are the top 10 read articles for 2019

There are roads traversed that we may not understand, but one who has walked it does. This article provides the much-needed encouragement for the wives whose wedding vows asked for so much more, as well as insights for all of us.
Dear Wife of the Badge, You Are Strong

Christmas and New Years came and went, and again…No ring. Will it come on Valentine’s Day, or is he going to keep dragging his feet? Have you wondered this or something like it? You need to read Dr. Zoe’s advice.
If Your Man Didn’t Propose (But Should Have) Read This

Do you want your life to make an impact? Here are a few ways to live as a woman of substance and quality and develop a beauty that never fades.
Want to Be a Woman of Virtue? Remember These 4 Things…

Do you wonder what makes you unique or base your identity off what you do (or don’t do)? You are in the vast majority and this article speaks directly to those inner questions about what makes you, you.
How Do I Know What Defines Me?

Got some baby mama drama? Welcome to the club! Dr. Zoe wrote this compassionate and straightforward article to help you navigate that difficult relationship. Don’t miss this one!
You, Your Man, and His Baby Mama All Need Grit and Grace

This article has been shared thousands of times for a reason. Written by our co-founder, Darlene, who was TobyMac’s manager in the early years of dc Talk, you’re going to want to read her heartfelt, practical message.
TobyMac—Heartbreak to Hope, Healing Through Music

Do you have a daughter who’s a little boy-crazy? It’s pretty normal. Are you wondering how to handle it? Look no further; this article is packed with great advice from a seasoned mom who’s been there, handled that!
If Your Daughter Is Boy-Crazy, You Need to Read This

Whether you have ever walked through a cancer diagnosis or not, this article is a must-read. It’s so full of wisdom and inspiration to live your life with great faith and hope.
Words of Encouragement From a Cancer Survivor

Written by a police officer’s wife, this article will open your eyes to the daily battles their families face. If you are a police wife, this one will fill your heart with love and pride (and your eyes with a few tears).
Married to the Badge: Not Your Typical Life

What makes a woman beautiful? While the surface is very lovely to look at, the truest, most long-lasting beauty runs far deeper…and it’s only gained by strong women (and those who want to be).
True Beauty is Found in a Woman’s Strength

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