5 Tips for Managing the Teen in Your Life

5 Tips for Managing the Teen in Your Life

It’s somewhere between middle school and high school that parents become dumb as a rock. That little face that used to look at us adoringly, believing every word we said, often develops deaf ears, rolling eyes, and sighs that last 14 minutes. We used to be so smart, but suddenly that is a thing of the past. At least, according to these growing hormonal humans. What’s a parent to do?

1. Realize that independence is a good thing.
You don’t want a 30-year-old living at home. These are the years they need to begin standing on their own.

2. Don’t just make rules; create conversations.
Boundaries are important, but understanding their challenges and adapting the rules when necessary is vital.

3. Give them a chance to create their own guidelines.
If they want a cell phone or it’s time to drive that car, ask them to create the rules of usage and present theorm. They will comply much better if they are involved in the development.

4. Add some fun.
Create a memory with them. Something they do with you—a special ball game, an art class, or maybe even a road trip.

5. Don’t ever quit being the parent.
They have plenty of friends, but there is a special place you will always hold as a parent. It’s a forever role that has forever affect.

The teen years aren’t to be dreaded, nor are they without treasure. But when you feel exhausted from the tug of war, remember these years do end. When they begin paying their own real life bills an amazing transformation happens, you suddenly become smart again.

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