Happy Mother’s Day! Raising Great Girls, Free Now!

Moms, it’s almost Mother’s Day! As an act of solidarity with my fellow girl moms, I want to give you a gift.

I didn’t have boys, so if you’re a boy mom, I can’t help you as much there. But from May 5-9, my Raising Great Girls Kindle eBook is absolutely free.

Darlene Brock
Darlene Brock, author of “Raising Great Girls”

If you’re anything like I was in my motherhood journey, you probably have times of feeling every insecurity, a bit of a failure, with a boatload of mom guilt mixed in. I’m sure you also have seasons you think “I’ve got this!” and you do!

But no matter the season you find yourself in, I want to give you some of what hindsight taught me: hard-earned wisdom that I share in Raising Great Girls. Written with my personal experience, what I learned from other moms, as well as information gained from reliable resources, this is a project from my heart. From one mother to another.

Download it now, and send the link to a friend. It’s a gift from me to you as you live this Grit and Grace Life.

***This eBook offer will be available for 5 days only! May 5-9 you can download the Raising Great Girls eBook for free! After you’ve read (and gleaned), be sure to leave a review on Amazon to help other moms connect with this book.

A little bit about the book:

If you think being a mom is just one job, this book will tell you something different. But don’t worry, Darlene gives every mother of daughters a plan of action.

Hindsight: the ability to understand a situation only after it has happened. Darlene understands this reality very well now that the job of raising two daughters while working, traveling, and juggling life is behind her.

Raising Great GIrlsHaving worked outside the home her whole adult life, breaking this role of mom into individual jobs, such as Academic Advocate, Creative Counselor, Time Manager, Media Director, and In-Home Demonstrator (to name a few), only seemed natural. Then, the discovery that there was a season for each job that she hadn’t even realized she had taken on made it so much more doable.

This book is a how-to for those responsibilities with each chapter written in such a way that will help a mother successfully manage the tasks at hand and down the road. Raising Great Girls includes 13 chapters for moms and a bonus 3 chapters specifically for dads.

You might be in the trenches right now, but that doesn’t mean you’re losing the battle, mom! And this book just may be the help you need as you work to raise confident and capable daughters!

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