You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be a Great Mom


We don’t believe in superhero capes here at The Grit and Grace Project. That’s not to say we aren’t ever superheroes; we absolutely are. We do everything; Earn the paycheck, dry the tears, mow the lawn, balance the budget, cook the meals, and even fix the toilet.

But one thing we don’t need to do is to be perfect! It’s something many of us expect from ourselves, but I’m telling you from first-hand knowledge, it is absolutely not necessary. So be encouraged, Mama!

One of the worst places to feel this perfection pressure is in the role of mom. We become quite convinced that if we do not meet every need our child has, prevent all cuts, bruises, or hurt of any kind, and keep them entertained then they will become dysfunctional humans. This is not gonna happen. So moms, give yourself a break! A great mom isn’t a perfect mom. A successful mom makes mistakes.

You will run out of diapers when you’re heading out the door for work. You will pull the cheese, carrots, and pickles out for dinner when you haven’t made it to the store. You will be so behind on the laundry that your five-year-old puts pants on without underwear. You will forget to pack their lunch. You will send them to school in a blue shirt on red shirt day. You will say the wrong thing to your middle school child, bringing them to tears. You will fight with your teen over the dumbest stuff. You will call your college child one too many times because you worry that they haven’t eaten.

And mom, you will be perfect in your imperfection because you will love them. They will know that you do because every time you miss the mark you love them a little more. Every time you fall flat, you pick yourself up to give again. You do this with grit and grace.

So, give yourself a break. It’s not the perfection of the details, it’s the perfection of your mom’s heart. That’s what every child wants and that’s what every child needs.

A great mom isn’t a perfect mom.

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