Take It Easy—On Your Kids

Take It Easy—On Your Kids

So you want to be a great mom. I’m sure there are some days you think the world expects you to be a perfect mom. Well, some people do expect that from you, those silly folks. They will also tell you that your child needs to tow the line with the expectations placed by the powers that be. But I’m telling you, no they do not.

While we want to help our children grow up to be productive, loving, kind adults, we don’t want to force them into a one-size-fits-all little person. There are some things that the clamoring masses tell us we should deal with in our children that just aren’t true.

The challenges you face with your little person may well be the most important traits required to become the adult you dream they will.

1. A mischievous child

Curiosity is the catalyst for all new inventions and great discoveries. Mischief is always in the heart of the curious.

2. A defiant child

Determination is required for achievement, especially in a world where a resounding “that can’t be done” is often heard.

3. An obsessive child

Persistence to solve a problem or to fix something broken is at the heart of life achievement.

4. A daydreamer

Creativity is born in the tranquil brain cells of the artistic. Music, art, and design all grow in the fertile field of dreams.

5. An average student

Most corporations are led by “C” students. It is not an amazing GPA that builds leadership.

So moms, take the super-woman cape off and take it off your child too. Yes, guide, discipline, and lead, but do not conform to the expectations of others. You may just be bringing up the next Einstein, Steve Jobs, or Picasso.

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