3 Real Struggles Women Face With Dr. Zoe Shaw – 107

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Because the Ask Dr. Zoe column has given us so many great answers to life’s questions, we decided to bring Dr. Zoe back to the podcast to discuss some of those a little deeper. We have received a lot of questions from women dealing with three specific issues, so we tackled each of those on this episode. How do we handle anxiety or worry and what is “normal?” How do you get your “forever fiancé” to follow through on his commitment? Can you leave hurt or trauma from your past behind? Co-hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham, will tell you that every discussion they have with Dr. Zoe is chock-full of incredible wisdom. This one is no exception! These answers may be for you or perhaps someone you love. Listen now and share with a friend who’s also living this #gritandgracelife. And if you’ve got a burning question for which you need an answer, the Ask Dr. Zoe column is a great place to start.

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Quote of the episode:

“Having perseverance is a wonderful, necessary quality for success as a strong woman, but it only works efficiently if you also possess the ability to know when it’s time to give it up.” Dr. Zoe Shaw

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