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7 Things Women Need to Quit Right Now – 010

Women accomplish so much, as we juggle our various roles, place in life and responsibilities. But there are some things we all do that we just need to quit and quit them right now. Join the conversation as Darlene and Julie readily admit to 7 of those pesky fall backs that they can be guilty of and suspect that you may be too. Just another conversation for all women who are embarking on This Grit and Grace Life.

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Quote of the episode:

“If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

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This Grit and Grace Life hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham cross generational lines and draw from life experience to discuss all things life—from the boardroom to the bedroom, car-lines to college, being single, married or single again. Combining the two traits found in all women, grit and grace, they laugh, share insights and explore the road taken to find strength every day.

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