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Answering the Question “Who Am I?” With Meaghan Dawson – 116

A question we continuously ask in various ways is,Who am I?” 
We have women constantly wondering if they are doing what they are meant to be doing and if what they’re doing right now even matters. And most of all, they’re wondering how to find their self worth (if they aren’t already trying to find it through the titles they hold, the roles they play, and things they do). While it’s impossible for anyone to answer these questions for you, we know this episode of This Grit and Grace Life will provide you with the guidance you need. 
Hosts Darlene and Julie are joined by guest, Meaghan Dawson. She’s a writer, wife, mother and team member at Grit and Grace Life but what makes this week so fun is she’s their friend, too. Meaghan also is the founder of the food blog and Instagram, Beauty From Burnt Toast. In this episode she brings spunk, real talk and introspective advice on finding yourself and your worth.
As Meaghan says, it’s impossible to answer the ultimate question of “Who am I?” in one podcast episode. But by tuning in, Meaghan will show you the importance of never letting others define you and how to begin figuring it out on your own. So if you are going through a season in your life where you feel like you have lost yourself, let these three empowering women help you strip away all the excess in your life and find your way back home. 

Meaghan DawsonFind more from Meaghan by visiting her blog, Beauty From Burnt Toast or following her on Instagram. You can read her writings at Grit and Grace Life here!

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Quote of the episode:

“My prayer for women everywhere is that we stop wasting time trying to fit in and striving to prove that we belong. But instead, we move forward just BEING. Because fitting in is overrated but being real is everything.” Meaghan Dawson

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