Darlene and Julie Chat Balancing Adulting, Barbells and Booties – 109

This Grit and Grace Life Podcast

Your co-hosts bust out their booties (we mean boots, because yay, fall temps!) for an honest chat about their grit and grace lives. Is adulting overrated? What are the benefits of multi-tasking, or should we buy into the new trend of mono-tasking (yes, that’s a thing)? Darlene takes a little time to get an update on how Julie finished her recent training and what she learned from her journey through her first fitness competition. You may be surprised at what this strong woman gleaned about herself as she took on this challenge, even one as ridiculous as strutting her stuff on the stage in glittery shoes. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wheatgrass and enjoy this episode of real-life girl talk.

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Quote of the episode:

I wish I was a little kid so I could go take a long nap and everyone would be just proud of me.

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