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Are you looking for unique Christmas gifts this year? Something a little different and more personal than what you will find in the avalanche of sale guides that hit this time of year? Since this is an excellent time to start your Christmas shopping you have to look no further. This episode will introduce you to a collection of 7 unique shops which will offer something special for every person on your list. Darlene and Julie would like you to meet a few friends of This Grit and Grace Life who make specialty items. They will offer a little insight into why you’ll want to buy from them this year as you make your list and check it twice. You’ll love hearing the stories behind the shops, and we’ve made it easy—all the links you need are in the show notes! Happy shopping and merry-almost-Christmas!

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Brooklynn + Grey

Brooklynn + Grey is your number one source for all things handmade for your littlest loves. They’re dedicated to giving you the very best of on-trend and fresh threads, with a focus on quality, style, and customer satisfaction. Tiffany, mother of two (Brooklynn + Grey!), also creates matching Mommy + me options! We’re thinking of you, #girlmom! They sent us the most adorable 2-piece bathing suit and this gorgeous toddler dress. Shop their site here, but be sure to follow them on Instagram or Facebook too. Make sure you join their Facebook group to be notified of upcoming drops before they sell out!

Barefoot & Freckled

Nicole was a stay-at-home mom with a crafting hobby and a desire to contribute to the family finances. In just a year she turned her passion into profit by creating handmade wood signs (which can be customized—she welcomes your special request!). You can buy any old sign at Homegoods, but we appreciated the humor in Nicole’s pieces! We loved her “Alexa, do the laundry!” sign, her customizable “letter to Santa” envelope, and the perfect alternative to Elf on the Shelf, her elf cam. Visit her Etsy shop, find her on Instagram, and follow her Facebook page for crafting tutorials!

All Seven Sisters

Shannon started All Seven Sisters jewelry to encourage the soul through inspired pieces. They are the home of the original hymn pendants! Do you miss hearing that old time hymn you sung when you were little, or have a new favorite one today? Pick out your favorite piece (or pieces) and wear it every day to remind you! Have a certain Scripture that you claim for your life? They have an extensive Scripture collection to choose from. Their pieces come in styles that are easy to wear, love, and gift. Visit their site a follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest: All Seven Sisters.

Creative QT

Adam and Dana Sue, parents of five, are familiar with the daily struggle of “so much to do, so little time.” The days are long, toys are strewn across the house, and someone always needs something. Chaos rules. It can feel next to impossible to set everything aside and just be with your kids. Yet that is what they want most from us. Giving it is everything, and the time to be together is now. That’s why their labor of love has been to create practical yet inspired tools to help families make time together. Through learning and organization-based toys, they help you spend less time managing stuff and more time making memories, engaging budding imaginations, and encouraging active, independent play.

Built by parents for parents, Creative QT stands for Creative Quality Time. Our biggest hope is that it helps you make time together. Get this grey striped stuff ‘n sit here, grab their chore sticks, or shop all their products on their site now!

Rowan & Wych

The men on our list are the hardest, right? We know you’ll be able to find something for every guy you love here! Bryan started Rowan & Wych with the simple hope of providing fully-custom products with exceptional quality, at a price that everyday men and woman could afford. Rowan & Wych couples hard work with exceptional materials (sourced locally!) to produce the best possible goods and services to their customers. They understand how easy it is to choose convenience over quality, but are humbled by the opportunity to continue to make amazing goods for their customers and want to help others in their community to do the same! They sent us this beautiful leather catch-all tray, 2-pocket wallet, and a keychain, but you can contact Bryan about any specialty item you have in mind—he’d love the challenge! Check out his site here or find him on Instagram.

Gather & Dwell

When we heard that Rachael and Jenn bonded over The Bachelor and both dated the same guy yet somehow managed to become business partners years later, we knew we would love them. And we weren’t disappointed! Gather & Dwell sells cards, prints, paper goods and gifts for the home that encourage folks to live an intentional life. Their products seek to inspire you to find excuses to gather with friends and loved ones you don’t see enough over warm apple pie. Or homemade pancakes. Or hot chocolate, because it doesn’t really matter what brought you together, but that you are together. Gather & Dwell seeks to celebrate the little things, express pride in the home, and embrace relationships with those we do life with. Darlene purchased their Thanksgiving placemats but there’s still time for you to get your Christmas mats, and Julie can’t wait to hang this breaking bread metal sign in her living room! Head over to their Esty shop and follow them on Instagram too!

Three Pines Company

We saved the most sentimental for last. Three Pines Co. makes the most gorgeous baby booties and swaddles. But the best part about them? Each item is prayed over before they’re sent out. How precious! The company was started by Toni but it quickly became a full family affair as the business grew. Their main mission behind these little Booties is to pray for the children that will wear them and use them as a tool to minister to others. Their saying is: “Every pair is prayed over. May God Bless the Little Pine who wears them.” It is their goal to make sure every pair is created in prayer and that each baby who wears them has been prayed for. Get your own precious pieces from their site and be sure to follow them on Instagram too to see their sales drop—styles sell out quickly!

So no matter who you’re buying for this year, we trust these shops will have the perfects gift to show your love. Happy shopping!

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Choose something special and unique for your loved ones this Christmas! Check out these 7 shops!

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