Do You Expect More From Women Than Men? Should You? – 118

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As women, have you ever noticed how we hold men and women to different standards? In This Grit and Grace Life podcast episode, hosts Darlene and Julie have an insightful and thought-provoking conversation on the different expectations we have for each gender.
When it comes to our relationships with women, we often tend to be way more “judgy and condescending, are quick to hold grudges, and dwell on what they did or didn’t do. If they don’t stand by us, show up, and be the support system we would like them to be, we cut them off in a heartbeat without thinking twice.  
But rarely do we do any of that with our man. Instead, we make an excuse for him, we try to cover up something he did, and most often we just give him a pass. Ironically, there are times it’s the men that don’t deserve that get-out-of-jail card we so freely offer.
So how do we combat this? What do we do? 
Tune in for the full episode to hear Darlene and Julie’s advice on how to level the playing field for all the relationships in our lives. 


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Quote of the episode:

“Just love everyone, I’ll sort ’em out later.”
– God

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