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Doubt Your Influence? We Don’t and Here’s Why – 124

Women have incredible influence. Whether we realize it or not, embrace it or not, or even like it or not, we have the power to affect others’ lives for good or for bad. Our life impacts those closest to us, in our homes and our social circles. We even influence across the internet, which reaches all around the world. This fact shouldn’t scare us (although some healthy fear could be appropriate here). Instead, it should inspire us to live a life worthy of imitation in all things—from family to faith to what we do for fun. In this episode of This Grit and Grace Life, Co-Hosts Darlene Brock (wife, mom, Nonie, and serial CEO) and Julie Graham (widow, boymom, #girlgang leader, and social media guru) talk through all the ways we influence. They discuss why strong women should embrace this role and how to do it well. You’ll hear them touch on tricky topics like dating, drinking, and how we dress, all with the balance of grit and grace. Listen in, and use your influence to share this one with a friend!

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Quote of the episode:

“Become an inspiration to others so that they may try to do more and to become more than they are today.”

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This Grit and Grace Life hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham cross generational lines and draw from life experience to discuss all things life—from the boardroom to the bedroom, car-lines to college, being single, married or single again. Combining the two traits found in all women, grit and grace, they laugh, share insights and explore the road taken to find strength every day.

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