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This one gets personal. Co-host Julie Graham has already shared a bit of her story—a difficult childhood, married at 21, widowed at 33, and spending the last three years as a single, working mom to her spunky little boy. Back in the dating world, she discovered a gap. There wasn’t much for single Christian women wanting to date online, much less for moms. It seemed like the message was that it was wrong or unsafe, to be avoided at all costs. But, she found her way, employing the advice of a friend of the show and Licensed Therapist, Dr. Zoe Shaw. Now, she’s preparing to become Mrs. Julie Bender, marrying the newly found love of her life during a pandemic in front of their closest family and friends. In this episode, she shares this part of her story, how she met “D” and when she knew he was “the one.” Darlene explores the pitfalls she faced while dating and how they’ve grown as a couple as they become not just husband and wife, but also a family of three. Whether you’ve experienced divorce or widowhood, you’ll find nuggets of truth in this episode—a testimony of how our very own Julie Graham found redemptive love. It just might be there for you, too.

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Quote of the episode:

“I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but I’m stepping forward with grit, anchored in grace.”
-Julie Graham

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