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Funny Things Women Say (and What They Really Mean) – 038

Have you noticed that sometimes women say one thing and mean another? At least, your co-hosts do! We’re decoding some pop-culture phrases (filling you in on where they came from) and poking fun at the way we can completely confuse the opposite gender with our “womenspeak.” As you may have noticed, our own Julie Graham has her well-used catch-phrases. So, in this episode, Darlene adds to the “what we say” conversation by asking her to share her top 5 personal mantras and how you can apply them to your grit and grace life! This one has lots of laughs, and a few vulnerable moments too!

If you haven’t yet listened to Julie share more from her childhood, be sure to go back and listen to 028: Can You Really Leave Your Past Behind You? – 028.

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Quote of the episode:

“This day has never been lived, so tap into your grit and grace and be bold and just be you.” Julie Graham

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