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Hardship Hit This Singer’s Life and She Chose to Fight! with Cameron James Pt. 1 – 048

Have you ever experienced hardships that felt insurmountable? Have you been tested on every side, not even sure you would survive? Our guest has been there. A few times. Singer/songwriter and mom of two, Cameron James, shares her moving story that began the day she discovered her daughter had an extremely rare disease. In this episode, she recounts her journey from devastation to hope and belief that miracles can still happen even in the midst of fear. James has learned to keep fighting, even with odds stacked against her. This episode is only part 1 of her heart wrenching story. Listen to her gripping interview with Darlene and Julie, where they ask pointed questions of this woman who has learned to find light in the midst of incredible darkness. We know her story will encourage you as you wage your fight too.

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You can follow Cameron James by visiting her site or finding her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Quote of the episode:

“God’s still in the business of surprises and miracles.” Cameron James

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