Hardship Hit This Singer’s Life and She Chose to Fight! with Cameron James Pt. 2 – 049

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Cameron James’ moving story of hardship and hope continues in this second installment. She first joined us on episode 048 when she shared her heartbreaking and inspiring journey of learning about her daughter’s ultra-rare disease. In part 2, she discusses the next season. As life became manageable and her daughter made progress (which seemed so unlikely when first diagnosed), she once again found herself in an all-out war with her husband in the crosshairs. This war led to her standing in Washington, D.C., passionately pleading with politicians and lobbying for a change. Listen to her open up to Darlene and Julie about the rest of the journey and how her music has been part of her healing. We too can survive hard things when we, like Cameron, embrace both grit and grace.

If you want to help Cameron pass the Access to Marketplace Insurance Act (Bill 3976) be sure to contact your congressman and ask that they vote in favor of it. Learn more here.

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Quote of the episode:

“I wasn’t looking for the fight but the fight found me” Cameron James

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