How to Make Decisions You Won’t Regret – 200

How to Make Decisions You Won't Regret - 200

Dar and Julie podcast promo picPsychology Today estimates that we make 35,000 decisions per day. That means from the moment we wake up to the moment we crawl back into bed, we’re constantly assessing and weighing out thousand of choices to see which ones are most beneficial.

This week, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender review the steps you need to make decisions you won’t regret, and how to abstain from judging others for the decisions they make in their own lives.

Whether you’re debating your options in a relationship, in appearances, in your career, or any other area of life, the decisions you make—big or small—hold weight. If you need a little push to get out of limbo and finally make that call, you’ll want to tune into this episode.

Quote of the episode:

At the end of the day, you do have to trust your gut over the opinion of somebody else.” —Julie Bender


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