How to Be and Deal With an Introvert or Extrovert – 029

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Are you like Julie, a card-carrying extrovert or a completely comfortable introvert? Maybe you’re a bit like Darlene, the self-diagnosed extroverted-introvert? Not sure where you land, introvert or extrovert? Consider taking this test from Psychology Today!

Probably like most of us, when it comes to these labels we just feel lost. This week we’re talking about how each trait is different, the pros and cons of both, and ways to interact with every personality in your life.

We’re also sharing some funny conversation starters that will have you rolling.

Here are a few of the conversation starters we discussed that would be perfect to use at a party:
“What would you do with an extra $1,000?”
“Toilet paper, over or under?”
“In 40 years what will people be nostalgic for?”
“Would you rather never be stuck in traffic or never get another cold?”

And as promised, here are a few we didn’t share on the show:
“Is a hotdog a sandwich?”
“Would you rather have a live-in massage therapist or a live-in chef?”

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Quote of the episode:

“A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it. It just spends time blooming. ” Zen Shin


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