How We Can Stand With the Black Community With Dr. Zoe Shaw – 136

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Everything we do at This Grit and Grace Life is seeking to understand. It is our goal to humble ourselves and listen, to be able to view the world through others’ eyes, all eyes. We wanted to hear a voice from the black community and have a conversation allowing us to learn and understand what we may not. We feel we are in a land of emotional minefields; we want to know why and even more than that as women of faith, learn what we can do to become instruments of racial reconciliation. We are speaking to Dr. Zoe Shaw, a black woman, who is also a psychologist. In this episode she is not here in her professional capacity, but as a woman telling a personal story, her life experience, that of her family and her community. We believe it will be one to gain an honest life view for all who listen. It was for us.
Darlene and Julie

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Dr. Zoe ShawYou can follow Dr. Zoe by visiting her site, or finding her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as her podcast, Redefining Your Superwoman.

Once her Instagram Live for mothers is available, we will link it here!

Zoe recommended you visit for their anti-racism course. She also suggested you visit Right Now Media and look for resources from T.D. Jakes and Tony Evans.

We also highly recommend Dorena Williamson’s book ColorFull to read with your children.

Quote of the episode:

“When the body of Christ comes together with one common purpose, we can change the world. We must work together across racial, cultural and socio-economical boundaries to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ to a dying world.”  Tony Evans

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