Keeping Your Faith Under Pressure With Skillet’s Jen Ledger – 127

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We’re looking to each other a lot these days, for hope, encouragement, and even advice, and we’re all experiencing life with some level of anxiety and mounting pressure. These days can challenge our faith or strengthen it, often a bit of both.

Looking for inspiration, Darlene and Julie interview Jen Ledger, solo artist and drummer with the multi-platinum, world-touring rock band, Skillet. Jen shares honestly about how bouts of panic and anxiety almost kept her from pursuing her dreams and how she found the strength, grit, and grace to endure these setbacks and still accomplish her dreams. She even talks about how she has used that strength to reach for new goals. In this episode, she reminds us all that this life will always have challenges, but they don’t have to defeat or define us. Instead, they can be the catalyst to propel us forward.

This is a replay of a previous popular episode (044) with a few new thoughts added in from your co-hosts that relate to today.

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Quote of the episode:

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” – Corrie Ten Boom

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