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Mama Drama Every Woman Has and How to Overcome – 008

Two words we’re pretty sure you can relate to: Mama.Drama. Can we just be honest? (a nod to last week’s episode here)…every woman has a little drama with her mama, (or her stepmom or her mother-in-law). Whether you’re always on each others nerves, best friends or land somewhere in between, there will be conflict with these special women in our lives! Darlene and Julie get real about how this incredibly unique relationship has shaped them into the grit and grace women they’ve become. Revealing some of their own mama drama, they offer insights they’ve gained and tips they have acquired. We’re pretty sure you’ll have some “me too” moments in this one, friends. Grab some coffee, sit back, you might just hash out a little of your own mama drama and even gather a few tips to save for later!

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Quote of the episode:

“The best way to control mama drama is to write your own play” Darlene Brock

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