Motherhood: Struggle Bus or Joy Ride? Or Is it Both? – 187

Society is quick to point out the challenges of motherhood. We see it in the “Mommy needs wine” shirts at Target and read about the seemingly endless struggles from other moms on social media. We don’t deny that motherhood comes with its share of hard times, but with the difficult seasons come the rewarding ones, too.

Darlene Brock and Julie Bender sit down this week to talk about the beauty of being a mom—from the privilege of shaping a little one’s views and raising them with the potential to positively impact the world, to enjoying life from a child’s perspective and all of the other little gems that you’ll discover in the journey. 

There’s so much more to motherhood than the external pressure and fear of failure. Those exist, but so do all the magical moments. Take some time today to recognize all the good and wonder that comes from living life as a mom.

Quote of the episode:

“Look for the joy that is a part of every single thing we do as moms.” —Julie Bender


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