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This Grit and Grace Life Podcast

A life of grit and grace sounds like a great plan, something every woman wants. Right? But certain roadblocks just keep rearing their ugly heads! These struggles keep us from feeling strong: we have poor self-esteem, we’re riddled with shame or guilt from our past, or we feel the need to be perfect at everything. These plus a few more are the barriers that keep us from the life we all want to lead.

In their relatable banter, your co-hosts Darlene and Julie admit to facing these struggles, but also encourage each other (and YOU) that they are, in fact, “figureoutable.” You can grow in strength as you apply grit and/or grace to each one. Part of the solution is knowing which one to tap into! This episode will be one we come back to regularly, and we’re sure you will, too. As a bonus, the show notes are full of multiple resources for difficulties like shame, regret, addiction, divorce, abortion, body image, and many more!

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Here are the struggles we discussed in this episode and some articles that speak to them:

Poor self-esteem (and body image):

3 Ways Positive Self-Talk Can Improve Your Life
2 Ways to Break Free From Self-Sabotage
5 Helpful Tips for Loving Your Body the Way It Is
What Every Woman Needs to Know About Body Image

Feeling the need to be perfect:

4 Reasons Why Being Selfish Is Best for Everyone
5 Truths About the Best Kind of Beauty
Just Because She’s Pretty, Doesn’t Mean You’re Not
On Courage: Strong People Have Weak Moments

Shame/regret from our past:

Overcoming Shame in the Grit and Grace Life
The Amanda Bynes Story—Finding Grit and Grace in Recovery
5 Slogans From AA That Will Make Every Woman Wiser
Are You Suffering From PTSD? Here’s How to Know and Get Help

Not knowing our purpose:

How to Get Honest About Your Dreams and Thrive!
Unsure of Your Purpose? Discover It With These 5 Steps
How to Become the Woman You Want to Be

Not feeling strong enough:

The 6 Qualities That Make a Female Leader Strong
A Strong Woman Has These 7 Things on Her Bucket List
How Do I Know What Defines Me?
When a Strong Woman Is Quitting, But Not Failing

We also wanted to mention these articles and other episodes that speak to specific difficulties:

Ask Dr. Zoe – Can You Get Past a Betrayal in Marriage?
This Is How to Overcome Toxic Emotions After Divorce
Unplanned Pregnancy—the Tale of Two Girls (abortion)
Ask Dr. Zoe – Coping with Anxiety Biblically

This Is What I Learned About Life After My Rape and Pregnancy
Infertility Is an Interruption, but Not the End

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Darlene mentioned an article from National Eating Disorder Association, you can read it here.
She also referenced an article from Psychology Today about emotionally strong people, find it here.

Quote of the episode:

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” Emma Stone

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