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Practical Ways Women Can Thrive in the Workplace – 052

Did you know that the majority of women in America today are in the workplace? Of course, you did; you’re probably one of them. Something you may not know is, there’s a difference between how the genders approach challenges at work. How can we thrive as women in the workplace? What does it look like when we apply both grit and grace? With these thoughts in mind, Darlene and Julie discuss the common issues we face in our jobs, as well as, how to find the balance between work and home life. They share laughs over their least and most favorite jobs and admit their pitfalls as working women who also love being moms. If you’re looking to get back to work, how to prioritize your schedule or hear from other women who are trying to “do it all,” this episode is for you. Listen on your way to work or during your much-needed “me-time.”

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