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Sex Trafficking: Why Kids are at Risk and What You Can Do to Protect Them with Christy Ivie – 121


We need to talk about sex trafficking. We assume it’s not a problem that is occurring in our backyard, or even in our country, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening in every community across the United States—even in yours. It doesn’t always look the way we think it would. A victim could look like a middle-class teenager at your kids high school who is still living at home. 

In this episode of This Grit and Grace Life podcast, hosts Darlene and Julie are joined by Christy Ivie, the founder of Christy’s Cause, a non-profit working to eradicate child sex trafficking and exploitation. Christy reveals how her personal story inspired her life’s mission to ensure no child ever experiences what she did.
Christy provides us with the proper steps to ensure our kids are protected and prepared. In this episode you will learn: 
  • The difference between human trafficking, sex trafficking, and exploitation of minors  
  • Simple ways to begin educating your kids on protecting themselves against predators
  • How to grow the conversation with their age
  • Deterrents for predators
  • Vulnerabilities predators seek
  • The importance of monitoring your kids social media
  • Tips for easily monitoring their social media
  • How to become a part of eradicating the issue 
We will leave you with a powerful quote shared in this episode by Christy: “If we aren’t going to protect our children, who else is going to step in and protect them?”
Sex trafficking is an important topic that should not be ignored.

If you see something, you need to report it. Save the number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline in your phone today as a first action step to being aware and prepared!


Find more resources at Sharedhope.org



Christy Ivie is the founder of Christy’s Cause. She’s a pastor’s wife of over 30 years, mom of two amazing kids, Mimi to four grand kids, an artist and a poet, too!

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Quote of the episode:

“If you see something, say something.”

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Learn more about protecting your children, from this video!

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