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This Is How to Handle a Hard Relationship With Your Mom – 089

Every mother-daughter relationship is unique. While some inspire the prose written in a Hallmark card, others can be much more challenging. Knowing this (and having their own complicated mother-daughter stories), Darlene Brock and Julie Graham devote this episode to the woman who might not have that picture-perfect relationship. Daughters, if your mom can be harsh, distant, controlling, neglectful, or absent, this episode is for you. In this real-life discussion, you’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries and how to take steps toward healing your relationship (you’ll also hear real examples from Darlene and Julie’s lives). Maybe your relationship lacks mama-drama, but listen anyway; this might be a chance to help a friend, encouraging her that she’s not alone. Be sure to check the show notes to find more resources to help you understand and master this complex mother-daughter dynamic!

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Quote of the episode:

“Every mama comes with a little drama, and some of them, come with a lot” Darlene & Julie

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