This Is Why Women’s History Month Still Matters – 080

This Grit and Grace Life Podcast

This Grit and Grace Life Podcast Darlene Brock Julie BenderWomen have changed the world. And we know we can do it again. As a place for strong women and those who want to be, we understand that looking back at the accomplishments of women in the past gives us confidence that we can create our own. Realizing, “If they can do it, maybe I can too.” March is Women’s History Month. So, to celebrate, Darlene and Julie bring a few of these ladies to life, remembering their accomplishments and their words—many of which still impact us today. We hope that you will be inspired, feel supported as you take your life path and discover your strength, and move toward unveiling your purpose. Your life will make an impact on others, sometimes big, sometimes small. What you offer and who you are matters. You will influence your family, community, or society at large when you walk with confidence like the women who went before us. So, listen and share with your girlfriends to encourage them, too! Because we believe we can do it again, as we walk this life with grit and grace.

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Quote of the episode:

“I had no idea history was being made, I was just tired of giving up.” Rosa Parks

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