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Victorious Women of Grit and Grace With Korey Cooper – 098


Think you have nothing in common with the guitar slaying, multi-platinum, international touring artist Korey Cooper from the band Skillet? She joins Darlene and Julie for a candid conversation where you may be surprised that in reality, you do! She’s wife to band’s front-man John, a mother to two teenagers, and working in a man’s world as a performer, songwriter, and producer. The women discuss subjects we all deal with—insecurity, parenting, faith, relationships, and respect between genders. Ultimately Korey is right there with the rest of us, finding the grit and grace to be exactly who she’s meant to be. This conversation is an honest chat that every strong woman will enjoy. Listen now, and be sure to check out Skillet’s newest album, Victorious, wherever you get your tunes.

You can find out more about Korey Cooper and the new album Victorious by visiting Skillet’s site. You can follow Korey on Instagram and Twitter and follow Skillet on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, too!



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Quote of the episode:

“Our culture is skewed about womanhood—I think it’s beautiful that we’re different.” Korey Cooper

Korey Cooper on This Grit and Grace Life podcast

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