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What Today’s Dating Scene is Really Like – 094

Are you dating or do you have a friend who is? If you haven’t been in the dating world for the last decade, the cultural shift that has hit will leave your head spinning. For those who are currently single, we realize you’re going to face challenges your married friends may not understand. In this episode, co-hosts Darlene Brock (happily married for several decades) and Julie Graham (widowed after 11 years of marriage to her college sweetheart….and currently dating) talk through some of the stereotypes in the dating scene. First, they discuss how to know if you’re ready to date. Then, Darlene gets Julie’s inside scoop on what it’s like to navigate the often scary online dating world. In their signature style, they take a few minutes to get personal: unpacking how to support a friend who’s looking for a partner. And these ladies cannot leave this subject without sharing how to make a list of the qualities you’re looking for in a date before you consider meeting anyone new—pulling from sage advice Julie got from Dr. Zoe Shaw. Whether you’re dating, know someone who’s dating, or haven’t had a date in 15 years, this week you’re bound to learn something new!

If you’re looking to make your own list of what you’re looking for in a potential date, feel free to pull from Julie’s top 5:

1) Loves Jesus
2) Has integrity and is well spoken of
3) Emotionally Supportive
4) Common interests and chemistry
5) Supports my goals/dreams and wants to see me succeed

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Quote of the episode:

“When it comes to dating you want the whole meal deal” Darlene Brock

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