When You Want to Break Free of Your Past – 130

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There’s no escaping this truth: we all have a past. How we let it shape us, well, that’s up to us. Will we decide to take the drama, trauma, hurt, and heartache and allow it to harden us? Or, will we learn from our struggles and choose to face them with both grit and grace? It takes grit to face the hurt that may feel constant. It takes grace for ourselves (rejecting shame and guilt) and grace for others (extending forgiveness where we find freedom). In this episode, Darlene Brock probes into co-host Julie Graham’s difficult childhood, asking honest questions about the challenges she faced. With vulnerability, Julie unveils a part of her life she doesn’t often speak of, giving a glimpse into her story. This behind-the-scenes view will help you understand the woman she is today—positive, dynamic, and real. It’s never too late to break free from your past, too. We hope this episode will set you on the road to do just that. Listen in and share this with someone who might just need some inspiration as well!

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This is a replay of a previous popular episode (028) with a few new thoughts added in from your co-hosts that relate to today.

Quote of the episode:

“Live for what today has to offer, not what yesterday has taken away.”

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