“Why, God?” Finding Hope when Faith Is Battered – 188

"Why, God?" Finding Hope when Faith is Battered

podcast image As women of faith, it’s not unusual or uncommon to have seasons where we question God. Whether we’re experiencing disappointment or grief or we feel utterly broken, the first words to escape us are “Why God?” and “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

In this podcast episode, Darlene Brock and Julie Bender talk about the times we live with battered faith and a diminishing loss of hope in the God we serve. They draw countless examples of men and women from the Bible who doubted God, struggled with their faith, and yet still came out on the other end with a restored heart. 

During the times when you feel your faith wavering, don’t forget that God cares enough to listen to our cries and frustrations. He doesn’t love us less when we doubt Him—He’ll be patient while we pound on His chest. If this describes how you’re feeling, we encourage you to be honest with Him, pray for clarity, and remember all the good He has done and will continue to do. Finding hope is possible.

Quote of the episode:

God would draw me with him into eternity, into that time where question and answer would become one.” —Elie Wiesel


—Read Clay Jones’ book, Why Does God Allow Evil?

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