5 Tips on How to Make a Change the Right Way


Are you facing a life obstacle? Career not going as planned? In need of financial help because your spending always outweighs your income? Are you stuck in a bad relationship that needs some work (mother, sibling, friend, boyfriend or husband)? Have circumstances in your life forced a change that you weren’t prepared for and now you have to figure out a new path?

Change is a good thing. Yes, I do mean that. We don’t grow or gain strength and character if we remain unchanged. We also will miss countless opportunities and discoveries about what we are both capable of and good at. But how to do it well? Now that is a challenge.

Here are 5 tips on making a change the right way:

1. Review.
Look at where you are. What is working? What isn’t? Figure this out can be as simple as listing the things you’re good at in your job and the things you’re not. Or pull out the checkbook and see what you’re working with. Or make an honest assessment of what you have or haven’t contributed to in a struggling relationship. Use that knowledge to determine how to move forward.

2. Seek Advice.
I am not talking about having this conversation with everyone within hearing distance. Advice should come from trusted counselors. Trust those who have experience, wisdom, or knowledge in the challenge you are facing.

3. Consider Others.
We don’t live in vacuums; those around you will feel the impact of your life change. If you’re married, a career choice will affect the family income. Children are affected by your relationships. Financial sacrifice impacts everything you do. So be aware of those dynamics and create open communication with those around you when necessary.

4. Explore Options.
See what’s out there. Unless a change has been forced upon you, which requires a quick reaction, take your time to make a good decision. You will never regret taking the time to do something well, you will regret quick fixes that are anything but fixes.

We don’t grow or gain strength and character if we remain unchanged.

5. Remove Fear.
Jumping off any life cliff, whether it be changing jobs, moving cities, or something as simple as beginning a dialogue to rebuild a relationship can be scary. Uncertainty creates angst, discomfort, and just plain fear. Tuck those emotions away and take that jump!

Remember change is good! If done well, hindsight will confirm this truth. So take these tips, use them, and then just walk forward from where you are to where you need to go! You will be so very glad you did.

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