7 Brands That Are Helping Women Around the World


I love shopping, and I really love seeing women live into their purpose. All the praise hands for the fact that adding social responsibility to quality, stylish goods is now trendy! More and more often we have the chance to buy handmade beauty and create opportunity for another woman all in one purchase. We’ve compiled a list of 7 brands that help women in various ways by means of selling products that we simply adore.

Our 7 favorite brands that better women across the world:

1. Sseko (Uganda)
Sseko employs women who make really pretty leather shoes and handbags. Customers can even create their own “dream sandal.” Sseko provides a way for Ugandan women to earn dignified incomes, sends women in Uganda to college, supports local farmers in East Africa, and even offers an opportunity for women in the U.S. to get involved by becoming a “fellow” who works from home, spreading the goodness of the brand’s quality and impact.

2. 31Bits (Uganda and Indonesia)
31Bits seeks to enrich and care for artisans through various programs by selling handcrafted jewelry, all made with paper beads. Not only do they provide jobs and sustainable wages, but they also provide their “artisans with access to counseling, health care, and education. We provide ways to improve their local communities and support their families.” By far one of my favorite jewelry brands! This article’s feature image was found at 31Bits!

3. Akola (Uganda & Dallas, TX)
Akola is amazing in oh-so-many ways. They prioritize the woman as a whole, and, as a non-profit, 100% of sales make an impact. No penny is wasted. They offer unique products and focus on providing for community infrastructure, vocational training, dependable employment, lasting sustainability, and have created the Akola Academy which teaches various holistic programs including wellness, business development, and stewardship.

4. Moringa & My Fight (Ethiopia)
Moringa and My Fight are sister companies specializing in handcrafted jewelry and leather products (I’m all about the pouches). They seek to fight poverty from the roots rather than reacting to its effects. They believe in support, creativity, celebration, and conscientiousness. Check out their Instagram accounts (Moringa/My Fight) for your daily dose of pretty inspiration!

5. By Grace (Ghana and India)
By Grace uses insanely beautiful local fabrics to form even prettier clothing and accessories. This brand’s mission is to educate, employ, and elevate women and their families out of generational poverty with safe, encouraging work environments where they can flourish.

6. Noonday Collection (Global)
Noonday “partners with talented artisan entrepreneurs to make a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.” They bring dignity to the vulnerable through fair trade. They also have the opportunity for women to make an impact by becoming “Ambassadors” and starting their own businesses through hosting trunk shows that sell Noonday goods (I’d come to that party!)

7. Causebox (Global)
To discover even more socially responsible brands seeking to end poverty and change the lives of the most vulnerable, subscribe or buy a single box that will introduce you to multiple brands at one time! The content of each box is a surprise, but you can order past boxes filled with handmade goodies including, treats, accessories, coupons, paper goods and more!

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