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Catie is a Florida-born wife and worker. After college, she married her best friend, Joe and they are growing sweet roots in Fort Myers, FL. She can’t resist a garden center trip and deeply appreciates a fresh French or Cuban pastry. Her favorite day is Saturday and she prefers to spend them getting breakfast with friends, or laying on the beach. An ISFJ, organization, planning, consistency, details—she loves it all. Even more so, Catie has a deep desire to speak into the lives of other women, emphasizing the beauty of grace, community, honesty, and vulnerability, for ourselves and each other. She likes to write because it helps her process, giving her the chance to share the truth that she’s found with others.
35 Inner Thoughts of the Working Woman NEW

Ladies, we work hard. How we pour ourselves out to provide for ourselves and/or contribute to our families varies in form and schedule. We

6 Practical Tips When You Want to Get Healthy

A couple of years ago, I was told I had hormone imbalances that would make it more difficult for me to lose weight than

Girl, It's Perfectly OK

Each of us goes about life in our own, unique way. Though you may feel like some of your quirks are a bit ridiculous, we

Truths About Work and Faith That Will Encourage You

Each day, we wake up and set out to do some sort of work. For many, we spend from 8ish to 5ish doing our


With wrinkles, bumps, and dry patches, I am always searching for magic potions to erase these unwelcome, overstaying visitors without breaking my budget or


It started with brand new Kate Spade earrings that were too big for my ears and Cole Haan flats I had only worn once;


As Fixer Upper reveals its final season, we shed a tear and smile with all the memories shared and tips learned from the reigning


Whether we’re in our first month of dating and learning each other or getting a night to ourselves after a long work week, date

Exhausted From Work? 5 Ways to Refuel During Your Day

No one had to teach me how to rest. In fact, I could be a professional relaxer (if you happen to hear of any


I love shopping, and I really love seeing women live into their purpose. All the praise hands for the fact that adding social responsibility

5 Healthy Kitchen Essentials That Will Make Your Life Better

Whether it’s through new tools or staple foods, I am always looking for innovative ways to make meals, (admittedly) healthier dessert options, and easier ways to

When You Can’t Do an Island Vacation, Bring One to You

As we settle into summer and the tans of spring break have faded, we start longing for our next sandy, sunshiny getaway. While many


As women we tend to pay at least some (or a lot) of attention to our wardrobes and personal style. Certain details and pieces


If you're like me, when you get a headache you probably run straight to your purse to retrieve your maraca, more commonly known as Excedrin.

dream big dreams while still living in the present

If you were to take a minute to think about all of the women you know, picturing their various faces, personalities, jobs, and families, then it would become immediately


Today I am savoring my Cuban pastries a little bit longer and listening to Bob Dylan and George Harrison in the car. I’m taking


Did the new year bring you a new ring? Or, maybe your Valentine surprised you with a proposal for life-long love. No matter when or how it

How to Have a Pretty and Productive Workspace

Does anyone else remember elementary school—or let’s be real, college—banding together as a class in attempt to sweetly plead the teacher into having class outside?


I am a firm believer in making small, gradual changes. I’ve never been an all-or-nothing type of girl; I’m more of a little-something day

7 Secrets to Nesting for Every Woman

Shortly after getting married, my husband and I moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment—our first little home together. I was beyond excited for this new

My Frustration With Inspirational Lies

The internet is overflowing with inspiration of all sorts and some, while definitely well-meaning, are just ridiculous if actually looked at and fallen for.