How to Conquer the “I’m Not Enough” Syndrome

conquering the im not enough syndrome

Do you find these thoughts in your daily dialogue? “I’m not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, talented enough…” If you had a friend who said these things to you, you would quickly un-friend them in every area of your life. So, why do you to say these things to yourself?

These lying, “not enough” phrases are nothing more than barriers that keep you from being all you were created to be. So, what do you do?

Here are 6 steps to gaining a new perspective:

1. End the comparing! You were not created to be someone else; you are on this planet to accomplish something only you can do.

2. Stop striving. Perfection isn’t achievable nor is brilliance necessary. Many “C” students rule the world.

3. Admit. Accept that you are not great at everything. So math or science may not be your thing—maybe art or music is! You are exceptionally great at something; find out what that is.

4. Discover your talent. Talents are like treasures. They have to be mined, cleaned off, and polished up. It takes a bit of work.

5. Find your people. Surround yourself with those who recognize and encourage “the enough” that is in you. Make sure you recognize and encourage theirs too.

6. Begin well. Start each morning with the belief that what you do that day will make a difference. Then end each day remembering and being thankful that it did.

Live this life knowing that you have been beautifully created and masterfully put together to fit a perfect place in this world. Live with the determination that you will discover exactly where that place is.

So, the next time you say, “I’m not enough,” stop and instead tell yourself you are absolutely enough! You are exactly who you need to be.

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