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Find Purpose in Every Day Life and in the Big Things

At The Grit and Grace Project we want women to discover their own unique character, talents, and purpose. We also love to partner with organizations who are impacting the world. Some of our favorite articles that talk about these topics are: 

1. Anatomy of a Strong Woman
In this article our founder, Darlene Brock, lists the qualities that make up a strong woman.

2. How Running Became About More Than Fitness to Me
Read about one of our contributors who found a way to show kindness to strangers in need while doing this simple, daily act.

3. How I First Learned of the Sex Trafficking Epidemic
This story is written by a young woman who turned her horror over injustice into a mission for her life.

4. One Man’s Dream Women Can Believe In
Here you can learn about Jeremy Cowart’s vision for The Purpose Hotel, which will helps create a better life for people all over the world.



This is a video series from our Grit and Grace community sharing their insights, heartbreaks, and humor, encouraging others in the joys and struggles of every day.

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