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Comparing ourselves to others is a dangerous game, even though we're all susceptible to it. Scrolling through pretty social media feeds of perfect bodies

ADZ stuck in relationship phase

A relationship can get frustrating when you're expecting a proposal or deciding on a wedding date, but your man doesn't appear to be in

ADZ narcissist

Dealing with a narcissist isn't always as simple as being around someone who thinks highly of themself. True narcissism is a mental health disorder

ADZ uninvolved dad

As a momma, maybe you haven't been too pleased watching your husband's relationship with your kids. He doesn't strive to be as intentionally involved

ADZ toxic relationship with father

Any toxic relationship will be emotionally and mentally trying, but the pressure is compounded when the person on the other end is a family

ADZ coparent with toxic ex

This is a tough situation. You and the person you had once believed would be a part of your forever are no longer on

ADZ Struggling stepmom

Being a stepmom is an extremely important, yet difficult, job. There are little ones to care for, but this often involves maintaining some sort

ADZ vague promises of commitment

Have you been dating your boyfriend for years, with no sign of a ring in sight? Then you already stayed too long, according to

ADZ disconnected husband

It's worrisome when your husband seems to have checked out—without an interest in explaining what's on his mind. As a wife, you immediately want

Dr Zoe codependency

A codependent person is just like it sounds: someone who needs others. The fear of abandonment drives them to control their relationships by taking

Dr Zoe blended family

Being a stepparent and merging two households is a complicated task that's often marred by disagreement. So how can children in a blended family

Ask Dr Zoe betrayed in a previous relationship

If you've been hurt in a previous relationship or by someone you trust, it becomes much harder to place confidence in those you encounter

ADZ parent positively

When your kids are yelling at each other, making messes and refusing to listen to you, it takes every ounce of energy to keep

ADZ love myself again

Maybe you've been hurt by someone you loved, whether that was through betrayal, adultery or lies. Whether we see it or not, these hurtful


Christy Ivie, the founder of Christy's Cause, joins Julie Graham to provide practical, nitty-gritty tips for families to help protect their children from sex

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Any number of things can make us question our self-worth, whether it's our inability to excel in a job or skill, or allowing the

One of our premier sponsors is Bear Lake Reserve, a mountain lake village. Darlene and Julie recently spent a little time recording podcasts at

Dr. Zoe, a licensed psychotherapist and regular contributor at Grit and Grace Life, answers the question: "What do I do when we have been

One of the biggest questions in life—and one of the biggest searches on our website—is  discovering our purpose. We're inclined to think our purpose

Do you have more grit or do you have more grace? At Grit and Grace Life, we believe a strong woman possesses both of these


Nothing embodies "grit and grace" quite like a grief journey—and this is true whether the person grieving is you or someone you love. Grief brings