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Comparing ourselves to others is a dangerous game, even though we're all susceptible to it. Scrolling through pretty social media feeds of perfect bodies

Corona Diaries part 1

It's been a few weeks after the onset of the pandemic, and Darlene and Julie want to know how you're handling the corona chaos! In

Giving Tuesday

Maybe you've been following along with Grit and Grace Life for a while now, but the thought crossed your mind a time or two:

Uncut Castle Ladyhawke

Getting married in a castle seems like the stuff of fairytales, but it's much closer to reality than you think—try North Carolina. The castle in


Friendships are one of our most treasured gifts, but the truth of the matter is that some are lifelong and others are not. So

For the fatherless

Father's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate your dad, or any other father figures in your life. But we also recognize that you

Episode 151 Heather Brown

Your life, well loved. Isn't that a comforting concept? To love your life, and love yourself in it? Maybe that sounds a little foreign to

ADZ coparent with toxic ex

This is a tough situation. You and the person you had once believed would be a part of your forever are no longer on

Episode 148

Being a strong woman of grit and grace paves the way for a life of endurance and purpose! Maybe you knew someone who exemplified

ADZ narcissist

Dealing with a narcissist isn't always as simple as being around someone who thinks highly of themself. True narcissism is a mental health disorder

Episode 145 Julie married

If you've followed Grit and Grace Life for a while, then you probably are familiar with Julie's story. After working through heartbreak and pain,

More likely highlights

If you missed any of Darlene and Julie's "Who Is More Likely?" video segments, don't fret! You can watch the highlights here and test

Episode 140 preview

This topic is incredibly relevant these days—so relevant, in fact, that our articles on why he didn't propose were some of the most-searched in

ADZ self talk

If you've ever criticized yourself about the things you've done, or the things that others have done to you, then you are rooting yourself

Christian rock singer-songwriter and American Idol finalist Colton Dixon joins the podcast with his wife, Annie. The duo share how they met, and how

Quotes to encourage mamas

Mothering is one of life's most fulfilling adventures, but also one of the most challenging. The natural inclination is to self-criticize when you missed

Episode 144 faith

If you're exploring the idea of building your faith or even just starting a relationship with God, you're not alone. Many people have the

Episode 143 Deb Meyer

Every family wants to accumulate enough money to feel secure and enjoy a few things here and there. They also want to be rich

Episode 139 preview

The pandemic changed our lives in countless ways. Maybe you started building your new normal, or in some ways, you returned back to the

Marriage worth fighting for

Nobody tells you that marriage is easy. And when you face outside struggles, like job loss and financial strain, the toll comes into the

Would you rather candy or turkey

Would you rather give up candy on Halloween or turkey on Thanksgiving? Tune in for some fun with the team at Grit and Grace Life,

Episode 149

If you've ever been in an unhealthy relationship, or were left brokenhearted by someone who couldn't love you the way you so badly craved