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A Little More About Me

Comparing ourselves to others is a dangerous game, even though we're all susceptible to it. Scrolling through pretty social media feeds of perfect bodies

Christy Ivie, the founder of Christy's Cause, joins Julie Graham to provide practical, nitty-gritty tips for families to help protect their children from sex

Donate to The Grit and Grace Project Darlene Brock

Donate Click to donate now! All Grit and Grace Life Videos ©The Grit and Grace Project, Inc® Grit and Grace Life is a community designed with one

Any number of things can make us question our self-worth, whether it's our inability to excel in a job or skill, or allowing the

One of our premier sponsors is Bear Lake Reserve, a mountain lake village. Darlene and Julie recently spent a little time recording podcasts at

Dr. Zoe, a licensed psychotherapist and regular contributor at Grit and Grace Life, answers the question: "What do I do when we have been

One of the biggest questions in life—and one of the biggest searches on our website—is  discovering our purpose. We're inclined to think our purpose

Do you have more grit or do you have more grace? At Grit and Grace Life, we believe a strong woman possesses both of these


Nothing embodies "grit and grace" quite like a grief journey—and this is true whether the person grieving is you or someone you love. Grief brings

Julie Graham Praying for Your Husband

Did you know that our Brand Ambassador, Julie Graham, does a video series called #PrayingForYourHusbandDaily? This series was a large part of her first

Ignite Your Confidence by Doing - Rachel Hagstrom

As a woman walking through this #gritandgracelife, do you struggle with confidence? You are not alone! A writer at Grit and Grace Life, Rachel

Self-Love with Julie Graham

What is self-love? Is it important? Should we be extending it to ourselves? If so, how? ? Listen here as Julie Graham, Brand Ambassador

Jodi Shultz

Ever wonder what Grit and Grace Life is all about? Well, we are a community of women dedicated to investing in other women’s lives. Throughout

Cherie Shaw

Many of us struggle with anxiety and wonder if we are failing as women of faith because we do? In a recent article Can

If you haven't heard this story that ultimately portrays hope, you need to listen now to Julie Graham's Untold Story of Heartbreak, Healing, and

Darlene Brock and Julie Graham, co-hosts of This Grit and Grace Life, take a few minutes to discuss their differing views of life's regrets, and

This Grit and Grace Life podcast co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Graham talk about Darlene's new book, Raising Great Girls, Help for Moms to

-- Want to read about a present-day woman who made a pretty messy mistake? Read How My Husband and I Survived My Affair and see how capable

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Be sure to read a few of our favorite articles on what makes a woman strong, beautiful, and full of purpose: Anatomy of a Strong Woman True Beauty

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