How to Participate in the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine


You no doubt know that there are many, many worthy causes to which you could donate your money and your time. Throughout your community and across the world are charities that are seriously making a difference in the lives of people who are poor, orphaned, abused, abandoned, hungry, thirsty, or sick. You may choose to donate to organizations that care for endangered animals, build homes, tutor school children, or revitalize neighborhoods that are torn apart by violence or decay. There is no shortage of causes, and frankly the need can at times be overwhelming!

When considering donating to various causes, you must find one that resonates with who you are…one that moves your heart and fuels your passion. I’ve found that donating to those organizations, whether giving time, money, or skills, is a joyful act of service that I go back to again and again.

One such organization that is worthy of the spotlight is the Tim Tebow Foundation’s prom for special needs individuals, Night to Shine.

Now hosted in cities in all 50 states across the USA and 16 countries around the world, Night to Shine gives these deserving men and women, boys and girls (ages 14 and older), the opportunity to be the king and queen of the prom, a chance they may never have otherwise been awarded if not for this special event created just for them. The events are typically hosted by churches and manned by volunteers. Corporate sponsors and private donors provide the financial support needed to literally roll out the red carpet and treat these folks like royalty for the evening.

Night to Shine has grown from hosting over 7,000 guests in 44 churches in 2015 to an astounding 90,000 guests hosted in over 500 churches around the world. For the first time in many of the prom guests’ lives, they are hearing that they are beautiful, accepted, and worthy. This event also gives over 170,000 volunteers the chance to participate in this life-changing night.

And that’s where you come in!

There are many ways to get involved with Night to Shine.

1. Donate a Dress.
Perhaps one of the most fun ways is to donate your or your daughter’s gently used prom/formal dresses to one of the local churches hosting an event. In fact, The Grit and Grace Project is donating the lovely dress worn by Julie Graham in this video to a local Night to Shine event! Ladies shoes and accessories are also great for putting the finishing touches on the beautiful dresses!

2. Donate Men’s Items.
For the men, full suits, as well as dress pants, shirts, jackets, and shoes are also needed.

3. Donate Your Skill.
Maybe you’re a hairstylist and/or makeup artist who can assist the guests in getting ready for their big night, or a photographer who can donate time and talent for capturing all the bright smiles, smooth dance moves, and wonderful moments shared by the guests.

4. Donate Your Time.
Dozens of volunteers are needed at the individual events as well for setting up and tearing down the event space, preparing and serving food and drinks, assisting with hosting guests, and being useful in many other ways to make the soiree a success.

5. Donate Financially.
Of course, financial donations are always welcome. According to the website, a gift of just $35 can bless a person with special needs with this unforgettable experience.

You can find out more about Night to Shine, including locating a local event and ways to volunteer at the Tim Tebow Foundation website here. You can also learn about how to refer a church to potentially host an event. Perhaps most importantly, you can contact a host church about extending an invitation to someone you know who has special needs and would enjoy attending  Night to Shine where they are loved, celebrated, and crowned king or queen of the prom! They also make it a point at the event to pamper the parents of the kings and queens, something these busy moms and dads don’t get often!

When considering donating to various causes, you must find one that resonates with who you are…one that moves your heart and fuels your passion.

Feature image from Night to Shine’s photo gallery.

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