How to Pinpoint Your Purpose With One Simple Question


Living in the most stimulated period of human existence can be tough, especially on a woman. There seems to be a constant barrage of state-of-the-art applications vying for our attention, new trends ahead of every fashion season, and an endless supply of resources that keep us constantly informed on the who, what, when, and where of nearly every person we consider a friend.

But, if you’re anything like me, it can be overwhelming, and attempting to keep up can leave you feeling drained, without direction, or lacking a sense of purpose. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram give us a birds eye view of just how many people seem to be “doing it right” while we struggle to simply “do”. Days may bleed into weeks, and before we know it, we find ourselves questioning our life purpose – how can it seem like so many successful women have it all figured out – work, family, volunteer hours, side projects that blossom into booming businesses – did we miss the memo on “Career Day” in high school, or what? It begs the question: How can we find our niche, one that leaves us feeling fulfilled, satisfied, or like we have made a difference in the lives of other people?

I suggest asking two questions:
What do I enjoy/What am I good at?
How can this talent or hobby help others?

If that seems like too broad of a canvas to start with, consider making a short list of hobbies you enjoy or talents that you possess – not necessarily things that bring in an income; think about hobbies you find intrinsic satisfaction in – Do you like to paint? Take photographs? Are you a talented writer? Do you make magic happen in the kitchen? Perhaps you are the 21st Century Dr. Doolittle? Next, ask yourself if this talent or hobby can help serve others.

You’ve probably noticed the feel-good emotions you experience when you’ve been given an unexpected gift, or the warm buzz that comes with a good deed done for another – it’s your body’s chemical reaction to altruism, or “helper’s high” and there’s growing scientific evidence that supports the positive impact these feel-good hormones can have not only on your body, but on your lifespan.

If you can pinpoint a hobby or talent that you enjoy, and directly connect that gift to your ability to improve the lives of others, you may be surprised at just how purposeful your life may become!  Try contacting a local homeless shelter and see if you can utilize your skills in the kitchen to prepare a meal for the less fortunate. Perhaps you have talent behind the lens of a camera, as well as a flair for storytelling – maybe you can combine those two and create a biographical photo series of people you meet. Or maybe you know your way around a sewing machine and can patch up some gently used clothing and donate it to a women’s home. Feel free to be creative, and take time to experiment – you may not find what really makes your heart flutter at first, but as with all things, perseverance and practice go a long way.

Regardless of where your talents and interests take you, remember that your journey is just as beautiful as the woman’s alongside you. Comparison is the thief of joy.. do not rob yourself of happiness by looking over your shoulder at those around you. You are enough, and you bring beauty to this world unlike any one else before you!

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